H M   Q U E E N   M A R G R E T H E   II   O F   D E N M A R K   V I S I T I N G   J U V I T A   W A L L P A P E R   F A C T O R Y

I was commissioned to do a wallpaper design for this occasion, and the most obvious theme was of course H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales.

The final design was inspired by the tale: “The Emperor and the Nightingale"

Client: Juvita Home Decoration

HM the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark arrives at Juvita Home Decoration.

Her Majesty is been asked to start the print machine with The Nightingale pattern ready,

and is been presented to Juvita's long history of wallpaper printing by director Christian Boye.

I was commissioned to design the wallpaper for this day's occation,

and to explain for Her Majesty the process of wallpaper designing.



The final Nightingale pattern...


While Her Majesty is been shown the Juvita Factory,

the final wallpaper is been printed and processed.



Her Majesty leaves with a roll of the final wallpaper,

and hopefully an interesting meeting...